Utah Freight Factoring

Venture Capital is proudly based in Utah, working with companies all over the western U.S. who benefit from using our freight factoring services to grow their client bases.

If you’re looking for a way to increase cash flow in order to pay business expenses on time and expand your current customer base, Venture Capital has the solution. By depending on us to handle accounts receivable and pay you up front, you finally have the flexibility you need to reach and even exceed your business goals.

Extend Your Reach — Add Clients and Accounts

Businesses from every industry can run into cash flow problems, but freight companies face unique challenges. To keep your business running and meet customer expectations, you need cash on hand to pay for truck repairs, tolls, fuel and more. When you don’t receive payments for weeks, maybe even months, you run the risk of depleting your cash reserves and derailing daily operations.

On the other hand, imagine what you could accomplish if you were paid within 24 hours of invoicing. You’d be able to fully cover all of your operational expenses.

But the benefits stretch beyond that. You could increase your presence in Utah and beyond, since you’d have the money to pay for startup costs for additional clients. Your business would grow and you’d increase profits.

Find a Factoring Company that Values You and Your Clients

To make this happen, you need a freight bill factoring partner that understands the challenges facing Utah freight companies. You need a team that can master your invoicing and collection challenges quickly. Most of all, you need a factoring company that helps you identify your best clients and treats each account with the utmost care.

Venture Capital is that partner. Our freight bill factoring services don’t begin and end with basic invoicing and collection — we help your business grow. That’s why we don’t charge you to set up an account, and we also don’t charge you if you cancel. We provide individualized attention to each of your accounts because your company’s success is important to us.
Venture Capital Freight Factoring

Invoice Factoring in Salt Lake City and Beyond

Venture Capital knows what it takes to grow a profitable business in Utah, and we’re here for you as you work toward improving your freight business, whether you’re located in Salt Lake City or more distant areas of our state. Help us help you — fill out the contact form today. Tell us what you’re struggling with, and learn more about what Venture Capital offers.