How Can Freight Factoring Help Your Business?

  • Fast approval process—get approved in as little as 48 hours.
  • No nickel-and-diming, no start up fees, no monthly maintenance fees.
  • Up to 95% cash is advanced to you.
  • No reserve account required. Get all your money up front, not based on when your client pays. Bad Credit? No problem. We look at the credit of your client, not yours.
  • No cancellation fees.
  • Personal, one-on-one attention.
  • Fast and efficient processing—receive your funds within 24 hours. Several payment methods are available: direct deposit, wired funds, overnight delivery or US postal mail.
  • Referral incentive program—you can earn money for your referrals.

If you are an owner operator, own a trucking company or freight factoring brokerage, we can help you. We can finance your freight bills and provide you with cash within 24 hours, so you don’t have to wait to get paid. We are transportation factoring specialists and provide cash for receivables throughout the United States.

Venture Capital Freight Factoring, a Utah company located in Salt Lake City, wants to be your freight bill factoring financial partner. Many growing businesses choose to use freight factoring accounts receivables to help grow their business. We purchase your accounts receivable and give you the money you need to continue to meet your current operation requirements. You will always have the cash flow you need.

How Does Invoice Factoring Work?

  1. You deliver the freight load to your customer.
  2. You email, fax or upload a “Quick Pay Request” along with a copy of your confirmation agreement and BOLS.
  3. We advance you funds within 24 hours. We offer several payment methods to choose from: ACH direct deposit, wired funds, overnight delivery or US postal mail.
  4. Drop your originals in the mail to our office.
  5. We bill your customers using the original confirmation and BOLS you sent.
  6. Your client pays us and the transaction is settled.

Freight Factoring Help Your Business Call Venture Capital today.

Stop wasting time thinking about cash flow issues, invoicing and collections. Start spending more time on your business and watch your production and sales grow.

Freight Factoring Gives You Captial to Grow

Most companies can experience growth of at least 25% without increasing fixed costs, resulting in a doubling of profitability. Do you have the working capital to take your business to the next level?

Currently, your business has continued at the same level for a while now. Your fixed costs stay close to the same as well. You produce a service. You invoice. You sit and wait for your client to mail you a check. Then, you pay your bills. At this rate, you’re just breaking even.

  • What if you could accelerate the process?
  • What if you could quickly get the working capital you need to take on the new customer or expand your freight line that could take your sales and your company to the next level?
  • What if you could eliminate the time and cost spent on invoicing, collections and bookkeeping?

Venture Capital Freight Factoring in Utah, with our reliable freight bill factoring services, can help you move beyond the status quo, dramatically shortening the sales to cash cycle in your bank account. The shorter the cycle, the more money you will have to service additional new business, and achieve an even higher level of profitability.