Benefits of Using a Factoring Company

If you are an owner operator, or if you own a trucking company or freight brokerage, we can help you! We are transportation factoring specialists and provide cash for receivables throughout the United States. We can finance your freight bills and provide you with cash within 24 hours, so you don’t have to wait to get paid.

Venture Capital Inc, a Utah company, wants to be your Freight Factoring financial partner. Stop wasting time thinking about cash flow issues, invoicing and collections! Start spending more time on your business and watch your production and sales grow.

  • Client Sales

    Increase client volume, production and sales

  • Freight Costs

    Decrease the costs of collections and invoicing

  • Customer Retention

    Improve your capacity to retain quality customers

  • Freight Receivables California

    Manage your receivables efficiently

  • Freight Factoring Profitability Utah

    Boost profitability significantly

  • Freight Factoring Revenue California

    Synchronize cash revenue and expense cycles

  • Factoring Bookkeeping Utah

    Simplify bookkeeping with detailed statements

  • Factoring client base

    Diversify your client base effectively