California Freight Factoring

Are you looking for freight factoring services for your California transport business? You’ve come to the right place.

Venture Capital buys valid accounts receivable, fronting you the cash right away. You no longer have to wait days, weeks or months to get paid. No more delayed goals and exhausted cash reserves. When you have the money deposited or wired into your account right away, you’re able to accomplish more, faster.

Bill Factoring Helps You Focus on Day-to-Day Operations

Invoicing, tracking and following up on customer payments is a full-time job. Imagine if you could simply send out the invoice once, get paid right away, then continue with your daily tasks?

Not only does freight bill factoring provide cash much faster, it also saves you time. This is especially important if you’re an owner-operator. Normal business operations take up enough of your time — let Venture Capital handle the customer invoicing process.

Ramp Up Your Expansion Efforts with Bill Factoring

Our services are especially helpful for California business owners who aren’t satisfied with the size of their client bases. You know you can achieve more and earn more. All you need is cash on hand and a little bit more time in the day. With a fully fleshed-out business bank account, you can pay for extra equipment, drivers, fuel and more.

There is nothing holding you back now. Venture Capital doesn’t require you to have an excellent credit score — we only look at your clients’ credit. We don’t make you pay start-up costs for adding new accounts. We don’t even charge you if you cancel, because we’re so confident that you will benefit from our services. Your California expansion can happen quickly with Venture Capital on your side.

Venture Capital Freight Factoring

Serving California Transport Businesses with Pride

Though we began our efforts in Utah, we’ve now expanded our freight factoring services to companies across California. We have a strong presence in the Golden State, and when you’re looking for the personalized freight factoring you know will help your business reach the next level, Venture Capital is the ideal choice.

Don’t think of us as a third party — think of us as your partner. You can trust us to help you identify the best customers, handle the paperwork and keep your bookkeeping up to date.

Contact Venture Capital today to learn more about how our services are helping freight companies in California grow. You too can expand your company more than you’ve ever imagined with the help of this expert California freight factoring company.